Video Production for Medical & Wellness Companies

Produce marketing videos that bring your product, service, or facility to life

Who We Offer Video Production Services To

Typically, we offer Video Production as part of a full-service advertising campaign. Occasionally, we will offer it as a standalone engagement for clients who require highly-specialized pieces of video marketing content. In both cases, we provide Video Production services for two groups:

Medical & Wellness Facilities that Seek International Patients

We produce videos that include:

Medical B2B Companies that Seek International Customers

We produce videos that include:

Why We Offer Video Production Services

Video can play a huge role in most Medical & Wellness marketing campaigns. In fact, for some of our clients, we generate 100% of their leads simply by marketing a single properly produced video.

The reason is simple: if you are a Medical & Wellness company, video gives you the ability to advertise your company using interviews with real patients who you have already helped. Your past patients will tell your story in a more compelling and trustworthy manner than you ever could– and dramatically increase the number of leads you generate through your advertising channels.

Why Engage Topengage for Your Video Production?

Very few Medical & Wellness companies are able to produce a high-converting marketing video on their own, and generic agencies rarely offer this service. We have a proven track record of delivering videos that actually convert viewers into Medical & Wellness patients. We can do so because:

We are a

We have produced multiple high-converting marketing videos for Medical & Wellness companies. To do so, we have combined our experience observing and attracting medical clients with world-class video production capabilities. We have learned the best ways to convey emotion, communicate technical details, and press the correct buttons to convince viewers to contact your company after watching your video.

We are a

We only serve Medical & Wellness companies in Asia that seek international clients. We know what video content makes international clients convert. We know how to tailor each video to best communicate the value for different products, services, and client groups. And we know how to produce videos that cross cultural barriers—which go deeper than language—between your company and the International clients you seek.

We are a

We produce marketing videos that deliver a concrete ROI. We monitor the performance of each of our videos—and the advertising campaigns that promote them—with the same rigor, transparency, and profit-driven mindset that we apply to all of our marketing campaigns. We will continuously report on the performance of your video to demonstrate its bottom-line business benefit.

Our Core Principle: Video is a Critical Marketing Tool, Not an Afterthought

Most Medical & Wellness companies produce videos from an internal perspective, and fail to communicate their biggest selling points. Facilities will often make generic, fluffy videos that fail to communicate trust, patient benefits, or the quality of their services. B2B companies will often make overly-technical videos that fixate on their product’s features, and fail to communicate how their clients will actually use it—and derive value from it—in the real world.

We produce video from a pure marketing perspective. We utilize video to strengthen credibility and professionalism, to transmit a key emotion to the viewer, and to answer every potential question they might have in two minutes or less.

How We Deliver Results

We Offer Complete Turn-Key Video Marketing Services

We make it easy to produce and promote a world-class Medical & Wellness marketing video. 

We will cover every element of your video production and marketing campaign. 

We will perform all of the initial research, writing, and pre-production activities to ensure we produce a video with a valid marketing concept. 

We will ensure your video itself displays top-of-the-line production values that demonstrate credibility and professionalism. 

And—most important—we will handle every element of the marketing campaign surrounding your video, to ensure you only pay to show your video to those qualified viewers who are most likely to convert into real-world patients.

Our Full 6-Step Video Production Process


We will meet with you to define your requirements, and share our initial ideas for your video. We will discuss your company, your competition, and what type of video we should produce to help you stand out to international clients. We will draft an initial plan, and receive your approval.

Site Visit (Optional)

If your facility, or other professional location, will be featured in your video, we will visit the site prior to production. We will decide which rooms we will shoot footage in, where we might want to film interviews, and if any work needs to be completed to make your site camera-ready.


We will combine our ideas, your notes, and industry best practices into a draft of your video’s script. We will submit our draft to you, and incorporate any feedback you provide. We will work through rounds of revision until we develop a script that achieves your approval and greenlight.

Video Production

We will create the video from a combination of new footage, and any existing raw footage you might have. We will either direct your shoot ourselves, or manage production teams local to you. In both scenarios, we will handle every stage of production and minimize the need for reshoots.

Video Post-Production

We will cut together a rough draft of your video that will include any subtitles, voiceover, or other effects. We will submit this first draft to you, receive your notes, and work through rounds of revisions until we produce a polished, final video that you will be happy to present.

Video Publication

Once we have completed your final video, we will publish it through the appropriate channels. These can include your website, your YouTube page, or through your advertising channels. We will closely monitor your video’s performance, and provide accountable reporting.

Test Our Partnership - Risk Free

We know what you go through when you work with a marketing agency. You have to hand over the most critical element of your business— your advertising. You have to give them control over your substantial marketing budget. You have to sign on and trust they can grow your business… before they show results.

It’s a lot. And a lot can go wrong. Here’s what we do to reduce your risk and make it easy to establish a secure partnership with us.

You Get Regular Reports

We give you monthly business-focused reports on your full advertising process, and ping you with plenty of data-rich updates in-between.

You Get Continuous Monitoring

We constantly watch your campaigns and receive real-time alerts reports that let us stop fraud, or other harmful anomalies, ASAP.

You Can Leave at Any Time

We don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. You just sign a simple service level agreement you can cancel at any time.

You Retain
All IP

You own your accounts. You own your ad spend. You own all the IP we produce for you. You keep it all, even if you choose to leave.

You Get to Start Slow

We will start with a very small – profitable-engagement, and only ramp up once we’ve proven real results.

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