Prices and Terms

The prices mentioned here are indicative. We don’t list fixed one-size-fits-all prices for a reason, every industry, every business and every product or service require different levels of effort. Listing and committing to a fixed price means you get a fixed effort that is not adapted to what you actually need. 

We aim for long term engagements and do whatever it takes to create profitable ad campaigns for all our customers. We do understand that not showing prices is frustrating for our website visitors and makes us look like we have something to hide. We have therefore decided to be open and transparent about the baseline costs of partnering with us. All prices on this page are in US dollar, although we can invoice in any local currency.

We base our campaign prices solely on the amount of work we estimate we have to put into building, maintaining and optimizing your campaigns. Our prices for local (one country) Google Search campaigns in English start at US$ 490/mo. More complex campaigns and campaigns for restricted industries means more work, and therefore higher monthly fees. Social media ad campaigns are priced based on complexity and the amount of content we need to generate every month.

Large international single language search engine and social media campaigns start at 990 USD/mo, campaigns for restricted industries that require a lot of interaction with Google support and requires research for compliance cost more. In general, the more products or services you wish to advertise, and the more markets you target, the more work we have to put in and that affects the fees. You can choose to scale up and down once every quarter within the scope of our service agreement.

Ad spend is what you pay directly to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and others for the ads themselves, we do not act as a middle man unless you want us to. In VERY general terms, expect to spend at least 1000 USD/month on local campaigns and no less than 3000 USD/month for global campaigns. We prefer to set realistic expectations and although we do run successful campaigns with smaller budgets, these are the exception rather than the rule.

Multi-language campaigns are priced based on whether you have in-house translation resources or if we have to get those from a partner. In general, additional languages are 70% of the price of the base english campaign fee.

Content writing by native English US or UK writers start at 32 USD/hr, web development for WordPress and Shopify starts at 32 USD/hr. Fixed prices are available for larger projects.

To keep base costs low we apply fees for currency conversion and different payment options, we always try to offer a free bank transfer option but payment by card has an added self-cost fee. All fees will be clearly stated in the simple terms of service contract you sign. Payments are made monthly, up front.

We will not lock you into long contracts and you can scale your engagement up and down once every 3 months as per demand. For large initial campaign and tracking setups we do apply a 3 month up-front payment minimum contract to cover all costs for setting up a valuable structure you own and can reuse at will.

COVID-19 Support Packages. 50% off all fees for impacted businesses. Free advice on restarting your campaigns. Help getting restarted when travel opens up. Contact us for more information

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