Courses & Workshops for Medical & Wellness Companies

Increase the results and efficiency of your internal marketing program

Who We Offer Courses & Workshops For

We offer courses and workshops to any medical or wellness company that seeks to improve their internal marketing capability.

Typically, we work with companies that already have an internal marketing program in place, but who are struggling to realize the lead generation and sales results they desire.

After evaluating their needs, we create customized programs for either their front-line marketing & sales staff, or for their management team (depending on the nature of their performance gap).

We offer courses & workshops to both B2B and B2C facilities, and while we specialize in marketing for Asian medical facilities that seek international patients, we can improve the marketing strategy and execution for a wide range of desired outcomes.

Why Our Clients Host Courses & Workshops

Most of our clients commission a bespoke educational event due to a change in their business:

In each of these cases—and many more—we can train your internal teams to solve your biggest problems and capture your emerging opportunities.

Why Engage Topengage for Your Course or Workshop?

No other company can match our real world experience. We have successfully marketed medical companies for nearly a decade, and over that time we have learned exactly what works, and what doesn’t. We can bring these insights to your team in just 1-2 days, and anchor everything we teach them in real world case studies that prove our lessons will work.

We are

We only serve Medical & Wellness companies in Asia that seek international clients. We know what it takes to build a marketing and sales plan that delivers results in the medical industry. We know the most common mistakes marketing teams make trying to capture this market. We know where the best patients are and how to find them. And we have a track record of developing campaigns that profitably attract patients across a wide range of medical & wellness segments.

We are a

We won’t waste your time with theories and fluff. We will only give you the exact strategies, tactics, and tools that you need to build the internal marketing capability you desire. And we won’t bore you with generic information that you could Google for free. We will tailor your training to your company’s exact profile, strategy, and current marketing capability— and we will work on your actual campaigns and assets during your event.

We are

We will not offer you a remote event hosted over Skype. We will only host an educational event if we can be there to work with you and your people face-to-face. We will work with you to find the most convenient location possible for your event, but we must work directly with your team to make sure they have truly learned what we taught. It is the only way we can guarantee your people will leave with the hard-wired skills required to transform your marketing capability.

Our Core Principle: We Transform Your Marketing Capability

We are not going to give your marketing team a lecture on digital marketing, share a few popular theories about what might work, and then send them away to figure it out on their own. There will be practical advice. There will be active participation. There will be a real-world change in how your marketing department operates and the results they deliver.

During your event we will work hand-in-hand with your people on your real marketing initiatives. We will show your people how to solve their real problems, and how to capture their real opportunities. And we are going to help them set up the exact tools, campaigns, and strategies they will utilize to continuously attract more and more clients to your business long after we have completed our event.

How We Delivery Results

We Tailor Your Program to Your Unique Needs

We offer flexible, convenient programs that make it easy to improve your marketing capability. We will host your event at either your office, or at another location of your choice. We will tailor your event to your existing organizational structure, so its practices will fit naturally into your day-to-day working life. And we will focus your event on the unique challenges and opportunities of the team members attending it.

If your front-line staff are attending…

We will give them the hands-on skills and practices they require to improve your marketing performance. Typically, we will work on:

If your management team is attending…

We will help them develop the high-level strategic themes required to set the correct course for their marketing capability. Typically, we will work on:

Our Complete 4-Step Process for Delivering Courses & Workshops

Event Definition

We will interview you and learn more about your company. We will then analyze your current marketing capability, compare its performance to its ideal state, and determine the maturity level of your current marketing team members. We will collaborate to define a realistic—but meaningful—impact that we will produce with your educational event.

Event Development

We will take your requirements, and develop a bespoke educational event around them. We will match our training to the current marketing maturity of your teams, and tailor your curriculum to give them the exact skills, strategies, and tools required to take them to the next level of their development.

Event Day(s)

We will provide brief instruction, and then spend most of your event working directly with your team members to give them the skills, strategies, and tools they need to transform your marketing capability. During your entire event we will guide your team members as they work hands-on with your actual marketing campaigns and make concrete changes in real-time.

Post-Event Support

We will give you ongoing support for one month after your event. We will help your staff implement their new skills, strategies, and tools in they day-to-day working life. We will answer any questions they have, and do whatever we can to ensure your event creates a lasting improvement in your marketing capability.

Test Our Partnership - Risk Free

We know what you go through when you work with a marketing agency. You have to hand over the most critical element of your business— your advertising. You have to give them control over your substantial marketing budget. You have to sign on and trust they can grow your business… before they show results.

It’s a lot. And a lot can go wrong. Here’s what we do to reduce your risk and make it easy to establish a secure partnership with us.

You Get Regular Reports

We give you monthly business-focused reports on your full advertising process, and ping you with plenty of data-rich updates in-between.

You Get Continuous Monitoring

We constantly watch your campaigns and receive real-time alerts reports that let us stop fraud, or other harmful anomalies, ASAP.

You Can Leave at Any Time

We don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. You just sign a simple service level agreement you can cancel at any time.

You Retain
All IP

You own your accounts. You own your ad spend. You own all the IP we produce for you. You keep it all, even if you choose to leave.

You Get to Start Slow

We will start with a very small – profitable-engagement, and only ramp up once we’ve proven real results.

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