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Attract the soaring number of patients who wish to improve their looks.

It's Worth Getting Right

33% of all medical tourism trips are for cosmetic surgery procedures.  The global anti-aging market will reach $43.9 billion by 2025. 

Both of these markets are huge, they are growing, and their opportunities will only increase as their procedures become more acceptable and accessible to a larger percentage of the global population. Reach profitable patients looking for your services on search and social media.

Facilities We Work With

We work with plastic surgery facilities in Asia who provide cosmetic surgery or anti-aging treatments, who also seek to acquire international patients through advertising campaigns. Most of our clients fall into one of two maturity levels:

You are Currently Running a Large International Ad Campaign, and Want to Improve It

You will run a more profitable campaign

Using our proprietary multi-channel targeting methods, we will provide the highest-quality clicks at the lowest possible cost per click, and cost per conversion. Your ROI will skyrocket.

Your campaigns will be optimized year-round

We will keep your bookings stable, and adjust your campaigns to take advantage of seasonal demand and the shifting availability of your services.

Your facility will grow.

We will find you more high-quality patients at higher margins on search engines and social media

You have Decided to Run a New International Ad Campaign, and You Want to Find a Credible Agency to Run It

Work with medical marketing specialists

We only serve the medical industry. We have worked directly in the medical field and know its ins-and-outs.

You will run legal, ethical, compliant campaigns

We only create and run ads aligned to each channel and treatment’s specific marketing restrictions.

You will be treated fairly

You will be treated fairly. We only offer service level agreements you can leave at any time— no long-term contracts or aggressive upsells.

What All Topengage Clients Get​

on Demand

No more downtime. We will adjust your budgets in real-time to generate as many new leads as you need, anytime you need to fill your facility.


No generic ads. We will create unique creatives tailored to the specific location, culture, language, and condition of each of your patient groups.


No guessing. We will calculate the exact cost to recruit a new patient for each of your treatments— and we will lower that cost over time.


No micromanagement. We will run every step of your advertising campaign for you—so you can just focus on running your growing facility.

Plastic Surgery Marketing Specialists

We have worked with leading cosmetic surgery and anti-aging clinics for multiple years. We have developed deep experience and expertise with this target group of patients, and know what they are looking for in a facility. While targeting patients for aesthetic procedures might seem simple, in the real world of online advertising it is surprisingly complex. Consider just a few factors:

Patient Groups

There are more patient groups than most facilities think to target.

Patient Factors

Each patient group has their own gender, social, and cultural factors to take into consideration.

Patient Sensitivity

These patient groups are overall more sensitive than other medical tourism groups.
We have proven experience navigating each of these factors, and delivering high quality leads while keeping our clients’ ad accounts in good standing.

How We Deliver Results

We Solve the Three Big Challenges of Aesthetic Procedure Marketing

International patients who seek aesthetic procedures are high-value, high-revenue targets. However, they are also challenging to find, persuade, and build trust with. We help you acquire these patients by overcoming their three biggest challenges:

1. They are protected by heavy regulations.

Every digital advertising platform has place an exhausting set of regulations on marketing aesthetic procedures. You can’t “body shame”. You have to use before/after images in a precise manner. You can’t promote ads featuring females in every region. To overcome this challenge, we will make sure your campaign strictly follows the regulations for every platform, procedure, and audience.

2. They are highly sensitive to the tone of your ads.

Aesthetics are a sensitive topic. No patient wants to work with a facility that plays to their insecurities, or seems to offer cheap, fast, artificial-looking procedures. And yet, that’s the tone most marketing for aesthetic procedures conveys. To overcome this challenge, we will utilize natural, customer-oriented, and professional messaging that speaks to your patients’ aspirations— not their insecurities.

3. They are going to have a hard time trusting you.

Many international patients have developed an inherent bias against foreign aesthetic facilities. They have seen the poor reviews that some facilities have earned, and they have heard all of the horror stories. It is not easy to change their mind. To overcome this challenge, we will systematically convince your potential patients that they will actually receive better treatment at your facility than they would at a local option.

Aesthetic Procedure Marketing

Recommended Channels & Services

Google Ads

Find patients, by locations, who are actively searching for the procedures or treatments that you offer — at the moment they want to buy it.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Inspire potential patients to purchase world-class procedures & treatments they did not know they could receive overseas at a fraction of the price of domestic options.

Our 4-Step Aesthetic Procedure Marketing Process


We evaluate your current marketing, including the number of patients you are receiving from it and your current ad spend. We review your existing marketing assets to determine if they’re ready for an international audience. And we audit your medical competition in Southeast Asia. We then create a strategy to differentiate from your competition and to better attract your ideal medical tourist patients.


We will not run a campaign until you have marketing assets that will convert leads when we drive traffic to it. If we determine your assets will not currently perform, we will adjust your website and marketing campaigns to align with the specific lead behaviors and desires we’ve learned from successfully marketing many healthcare facilities to medical tourists.


We design, deploy, and track a small campaign that will target the specific patients and client groups that you desire. We start with English-speaking medical tourists, and your 3-5 highest-profit treatments & programs. These will produce some quick wins and gather the most performance data possible.


Once we hit on a formula that delivers qualified, profitable leads, we will scale your ad spend, campaigns, targeted patient groups, locations, and marketed services to fill your schedule with high-quality international patients.

Test Our Partnership - Risk Free

We know what you go through when you work with a marketing agency. You have to hand over a critical element of your business – your advertising. You have to give them control over your substantial marketing budget. You have to sign on and trust they can grow your business… before they show results.

It’s a lot. And a lot can go wrong. Here’s what we do to reduce your risk and make it easy to establish a secure partnership with us.

You Get Regular Reports

We give you monthly business-focused reports on your full advertising process, and ping you with plenty of data-rich updates in-between.

You Get Continuous Monitoring

We constantly watch your campaigns and receive real-time alerts reports that let us stop fraud, or other harmful anomalies, ASAP.

You Can Leave at Any Time

We don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. You just sign a simple service level agreement you can cancel at any time.

You Retain
All IP

You own your accounts. You own your ad spend. You own all the IP we produce for you. You keep it all, even if you choose to leave.

You Get to Start Slow

We will start with a very small – profitable-engagement, and only ramp up once we’ve proven real results.

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