Tired Of Banned Google Ads and Accounts? Is Medical Advertising Challenging?

We Have 10 Years Of Experience Running Medical PPC Ads On Google.

Google Ads Compliance Is a Challenge. We Can Help

The main challenge for legitimate medical and healthcare providers running Google Ads today is ad disapprovals, account suspensions and constant appeals. Even businesses that are compliant according to Google Ads terms experience lots of issues due to either false positives or using prohibited terms. We can help you with getting your websites and ad accounts compliant.

Compliant Content

How you write your pages and what you mention matters, a single word can trigger ad disapprovals even if the product you offer is allowed on Google Ads. We have 6 years of experience handling this

Compliant Ads

There are strict rules surrounding what you can write in ads both online and offline. We write converting ads that follow the rigourous standards set for medical and healthcare providers

Compliant Targeting

Because privacy matters, advanced targeting for medical and healthcare ads is restricted. We work within the scope of compliance to optimize targeting and maximize campaign results

We manage your Google Ads. You get more patients

Are you looking for professionals to manage your Google Ads campaigns? Have you worked with individuals or agencies who promised you everything and then didn’t deliver or even worse, maybe your accounts were banned?

We are veterans in medical marketing and know how to get you a steady flow of patients.

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Successful Ad Campaigns

As a certified Google Partner, we meet Google’s highest standards for both ethics and results.

How We Deliver Results

We Focus on the Only Thing That Matters: Cost-Per-Acquisition

Clicks don’t pay your bills. Ad impressions don’t keep your lights on. Vanity metrics don’t build your bottom line. We ignore them all, and focus on the only number that will grow your facility— how much it will cost you to acquire a new, paying patient for one of your products or services. Get this one number right, and you will run a profitable ad campaign.

We Follow a Simple, Strategy-driven Process to Deliver Leads

We deliver leads at a profitable cost-per-acquisition at every step of your engagement. We first take a baseline of how many high-quality leads you are receiving and how many you need to acquire a paying customer. Next, we establish a starting cost to acquire a new paying patient for each of your treatments. Then, we continuously refine your campaign to lower your cost-per-acquisition and increase your profits on each patient. Using our extensive datasets and industry experience, we craft campaigns especially for your business needs.

We Find Patients You Didn’t Know Were Out There

We use every component of the Google Ads ecosystem to find patients you didn’t know were out there. We experiment with seasonality. We explore new business segments. We test new services, markets, channels and formats. Over time, we grow your facility larger than you thought possible. We are experts at cross-channel marketing and can connect your google ads audiences with those on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Hire and forget

We will set up and take care of the entire infrastructure surrounding a successful Google ads campaign, from google my business set-up, UTM tags, analytics, ad accounts, google search console and on-site tracking.. you name it, we’ll fix it. You don’t have to worry about anything except taking care of your business.

You get full set-up and management of Google campaigns starting at $690/month.

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