Tired Of Disapproved Ads And Bad Leads? We Can Help

We Have 11 Years Of Experience Running Medical and Wellness Ads On Google.

Google Ads Compliance Is a Challenge. We Can Help

The main challenge for legitimate medical and healthcare providers running Google Ads today is ad disapprovals, account suspensions and constant appeals. Even businesses that are compliant according to Google Ads terms experience lots of issues due to either false positives or using prohibited terms. We can help you with getting your websites and ad accounts compliant.

Compliant Content

How you write your pages and what you mention matters, a single word can trigger ad disapprovals even if the product you offer is allowed on Google Ads. We have 6 years of experience handling this

Compliant Ads

There are strict rules surrounding what you can write in ads both online and offline. We write converting ads that follow the rigorous standards set for medical and healthcare providers. We follow HIPAA guidelines for PPC advertising

Compliant Targeting

Because privacy matters, advanced targeting for medical and healthcare ads is restricted. We work within the scope of compliance to optimize targeting and maximize campaign results

Certified Google Partner Agency

We have run so many compliant, successful campaigns for Medical & Wellness facilities that Google has made us one of their partners.

They have officially recognized that we know and follow all of their guidelines, that we deliver exceptional customer service, and offer a large competitive advantage to our clients. Google gives us priority support, and easy-to-verify recognition that we continuously meet their standards and excel on their platform.

We manage your Google Ads. You get more patients

Are you looking for professionals to manage your Google Ads campaigns? Have you worked with individuals or agencies who promised you everything and then didn’t deliver or even worse, maybe your accounts were banned?

We are veterans in medical marketing and know how to get you a steady flow of patients.

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Getting Clicks Is Easy. Getting The Right Clicks Is The Challenge

We only put your Google Ads spend where it benefits the most. We specialize in highly targeted ads mainly on the search network. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you need to put your money where the high quality leads are. Spending on youtube ads, display ads, smart campaigns and “performance marketing” is not optimal for most clinics and healthcare providers.

Quality Clicks

If the good clicks are out there, we will find them. We are also realistic about search volume, if there aren’t enough quality searches to fill your budget, we will advise you to spend on other channels, we won’t run useless campaigns just to spend your money

Lead Quality Matters

Lead quality is the main issue for most seasoned advertisers. We use advanced conversion tracking and routinely follow up on the quality with you or your staff, there is a lot we can do to bring you the right leads as long as we get business level feedback.

Cut The Fat

Most campaigns we take over run with all the bells and whistles that Google Ads offer, most have poor results and bad return on ad spend. We cut the fat and deliver fewer, higher quality clicks leading to a consistent flow of high quality website visits.

As a certified Google Partner, we meet Google’s highest standards for both ethics and results.

How We Deliver Results

We Focus on the Only Thing That MattersCost-Per-Acquisitio

Clicks don’t pay your bills. Ad impressions don’t keep your lights on. Vanity metrics don’t build your bottom line. We ignore them all, and focus on the only number that will grow your facility— how much it will cost you to acquire a new, paying patient for one of your products or services. Get this one number right, and you will run a profitable ad campaign. CPL and ROAS is our guiding light.

Predictable lead cost and volume

We deliver leads at a predictable rate and cost-per-acquisition. We first take a baseline of how many high-quality leads you are receiving and how many you need to acquire a paying customer. Next, we establish a starting cost to acquire a new paying patient for each of your treatments. Then, we continuously refine your campaign to lower your cost-per-acquisition and increase your profits on each patient. Using our extensive datasets and industry experience, we craft campaigns especially for your business needs.

We Align Our Campaigns To Your Business Goals

Every facility has their favorite treatments, specialties and calendars to fill. We work with you to get more leads for the treatments and services you want to provide. We help you grow new or existing specialties. We work with you to understand the lifetime value of a patient for each individual specialty and adjust our advertising spend based on that.

Strictly Google Ads

We don’t Offer SEO services, reputation management, review management or other addon services, we prefer to focus on what we are passionate about. That said, we can implement all the systems needed to run successful campaigns, from conversion tracking to google analytics, tag manager, search console, callrail and other vital systems. There are no successful campaigns without conversion tracking. We do not work with clients who can’t or won’t track those.

Our standard management package for a local clinic campaign starts at at $890/month. We have designed that package to be cost effective but include everything you need for effectively running google ads campaigns. We don’t do surprise charges or hidden addons, the price you get is what you pay.

We do not work on shared accounts or with clients who want to be “involved” in the daily running and management of campaigns. We know our stuff, we have our own proven methods, if you leave us to it, you will see great results.

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