Content Writing for Medical & Wellness Companies

Publish website content that persuades clients to select your company.

Who We Offer Content Writing Services To

Typically, we offer Content Writing as part of a full-service advertising campaign, or as a standalone engagement for clients who require highly-specialized pieces of advanced marketing content. In both cases, we provide Content Writing services for two groups:

Medical & Wellness Facilities that Seek International Patients

We typically produce a full range of marketing materials that include a complete website rewrite, advertising copy, and collateral that displays your services, doctors, and facilities.

Medical B2B Companies that Seek International Customers

We typically produce sales-focused content for including ad copy, creatives for Linkedin, and additional collateral that we will directly promote within the scope of your campaign.

Why We Offer Content Writing Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that address any Content Writing challenge our clients might face. These include, but are not limited to:

Why Engage TopEngage for Your Content Writing?

We are

We only serve Medical & Wellness companies in Asia that seek international clients. We know what content makes international clients convert. We know how to market effectively for different products, services and client groups. And we know how to use content to cross the cultural barriers—which go deeper than language—between your company and the International clients you seek.

We are a

Medical & Wellness marketing is sensitive and highly regulated. If your content communicates the wrong message, then you can easily get your advertising accounts banned or you can turn away your potential clients. We know the regulations and best practices required to create compliant & ethical website content that won’t get your accounts banned from advertising channels, and which will attract the right kind of International clients.

We are a

It is not easy to write marketing content for Medical & Wellness companies. You must communicate complex technical and scientific topics in a manner that is easily accessible and digestible by your non-technical audience of clients. Your content must inform potential clients, and also persuade them that your company is their best option. We have proven experience writing professional medical text that makes sense to clients, and also performs well for marketing purposes.

Our Core Principle: Continuous Improvement

Most agencies follow a “publish and pray” strategy — They produce content and just hope that it performs well. We do the opposite. 

Before we publish your content, we will install a full suite of analytics that will track its performance with real website visitors. After we publish your content, we will use these tools to continuously monitor your content’s performance. These tools will tell us how well your content is converting your qualified traffic into leads. They will also pinpoint what elements of your content are converting optimally, and which require adjustments. We will then improve each sub-optimal content element we identify in order to continuously improve each of your webpage’s conversion rates.

How We Deliver Results

The 2 Big Medical Content Factors We Focus On

Content for Medical & Wellness companies must achieve two outcomes:

1. It needs to make your company appear credible, trustworthy, and professional.
2. It needs to go beyond describing your products & services, and actively sell them.

In order to achieve these outcomes, we’ve learned to focus on two big factors when producing website content for Medical & Wellness companies in Asia that seek International clients.

Content Language:

The websites of most Asian Medical & Wellness companies are only written in their native language, or they are roughly translated into English— either by a non-native English speaker, or by an automated translation app. If you want to market yourself to Western clients, you must develop a website filled with pristine content written by a Native English speaker in order to establish credibility.

Content Syle:

Most Medical & Wellness companies are filled with content that was written by medical professionals, for other medical professionals. Their content is dry, technical, and does not directly address what their clients want to hear. If you want to attract clients, then you must fill your website with informative, persuasive content that has been written from your potential clients’ perspective.

Our Full 6-Step Content Writing Process

Website Review

We will conduct a thorough audit of your existing content, and determine which pieces are capable of converting visitors and which are not. We will then target which pieces of content require improvement, and we will construct an efficient plan to improve those pieces.

Content Research

We will perform in-depth research to generate the core messaging that your new content must include in order to convert. This research will include an interview to determine what content you like, as well as informational interviews with you and your team, and a review of your existing marketing materials, your competitors, and your clients.


We will synthesize our research into a detailed outline that will present our proposed structure for your new content, as well as the top-level marketing messages we believe you should discuss within each element of your content. We will review your outline with you, and gather your feedback.

Content Production

We will then expand your outline into the first draft of your website content. We will incorporate your feedback on our outlines, expand the content in each section, and write the text in the style that you prefer. We will then submit our first draft for your review, prior to publishing.

Content Revision

We will collect your notes on our first draft, and review them with you to ensure we are clear on your required adjustments. We will make those adjustments, and produce a second draft for your review. We will repeat this process for a set number of rounds of revision defined during our project planning.

Content Publication

Once we have completed our rounds of revision, and completed a draft that communicates your message in a compelling manner, we will publish your finalized content onto your website. We will then begin to direct qualified leads to it, monitor its performance, and regularly tweak it to continuously improve its performance.

Test Our Partnership - Risk Free

We know what you go through when you work with a marketing agency. You have to hand over the most critical element of your business— your advertising. You have to give them control over your substantial marketing budget. You have to sign on and trust they can grow your business… before they show results.

It’s a lot. And a lot can go wrong. Here’s what we do to reduce your risk and make it easy to establish a secure partnership with us.

You Get Regular Reports

We give you monthly business-focused reports on your full advertising process, and ping you with plenty of data-rich updates in-between.

You Get Continuous Monitoring

We constantly watch your campaigns and receive real-time alerts reports that let us stop fraud, or other harmful anomalies, ASAP.

You Can Leave at Any Time

We don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. You just sign a simple service level agreement you can cancel at any time.

You Retain
All IP

You own your accounts. You own your ad spend. You own all the IP we produce for you. You keep it all, even if you choose to leave.

You Get to Start Slow

We will start with a very small – profitable-engagement, and only ramp up once we’ve proven real results.

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